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So you want to kick nicotine?

Here are 10 testimonials we’ve received about how the Sasillia breathing necklace helped reduce or completely eliminate your nicotine cravings.

Quit with Sasillia

Ecco 10 testimonianze che abbiamo ricevuto su come la collana respiratoria Sasillia abbia contribuito a ridurre o eliminare completamente il desiderio di nicotina.

Smettere con Sasillia

Here are 10 testimonials we’ve received about how the Sasillia breathing necklace helped reduce or completely eliminate your nicotine cravings.

Quit with Sasillia

Nebrat nás jen za slovo...

Verified client | Clara Zimmer

Helpful On Multiple Levels

"I purchased the Sasillia Breathing Necklace because I’m trying to stop vaping. I've been addicted to nicotine for 25 years. Switched to the Juul 3 years ago, thinking I’d be able to taper off easily. That was so not true. In the week I’ve had The Sasillia Breathing Necklace, I’ve not missed my Juul. This understated little necklace has been a lifesaver with regards to the oral fixation aspect of quitting vaping.”

Verified client | Lydia Carson

It Helps Very Much

"I suffer from moments of anxiety which I would go to a cigarette as my crutch. I bought this one week ago with hopes of cutting back on smoking and putting myself in more of a relaxed state. I have to say it is completely doing the trick, I didn't completely stop, but I have a strong feeling that it will help and I can completely quit while using the Sasillia breathing device throughout the day. Even if it's just in my mind, It really helps me maintain a sense of calmness and relaxation during the day.”

Verified client | Jasper Wilson

"Switching the cigarettes for vape didn't do the trick, but switching from vape to Sasillia was exactly what I needed to be able to completely quit smoking..."

Verified client | Nora Mason

No more post-smoking weight gain!

"I used to always gain a bunch of weight every time I quit smoking, so I always ended up giving up and grabbing the bigs again. This device not only helped me control my nicotine cravings, but whenever I felt cravings for food as well I would Use the device, and the cravings would go away. I was finally able to become nicotine free without gaining the extra pounds!”

Verified client | Ada Thompson

Only Product To Get Me To Quit Vaping

"Wow...I have been trying to quit vaping for over a year and this is the only thing that successfully addresses the particular oral fixation I have with vaping. Love that I am forced to take a deep breath every time, which is instantly calming as well. Thanks to this product I am on week 2 of no nicotine . If you’re thinking about quitting you have to buy this!!”

How It Works

The Sasillia Breathing Necklace can help you conquer initial withdrawals and replace the situational triggers because it's always with you. The device simulates smoking and helps to overcome the physiological behavior of your addiction. Anytime you experience a craving, the breathing device will calm your nervous system and pass the cravings.


Extended inhale simulates oral fixation and routine “drag.”


Exhale through Sasillia Breathing Device (replicates smoking sensation)


Repeat 3-5 times until the craving passes.

Verified client | Oscar Harrison

Game changer!

"So I got this because I am a heavy smoker. I love having this around my neck as it helps me not smoke in situations where I'm usually vaping. I just hold it and breathe in and out until the craving passes. I hold it a lot which I think makes me feel like Im holding a vape.”

Verified client | Rose Richardson

Worth every penny

"I quit vaping two months ago and heard of the Sasillia Breathing Necklace in a post in a Facebook group. Since giving up nicotine, I dealt with more anxiety (because I used to smoke whenever I felt anxious before). I just got my Sasillia Breathing Necklace today, and it has already helped me so much. About an hour into using the Sasillia Breathing Necklace, I checked my oxygen level and pulse and my O2 was 99 and my pulse was 64. It has never been that low before when I've checked it. My whole body feels calm and I am so relaxed and relieved. I'm sure I will continue feeling calm as long as I use the Sasillia Breathing Necklace. Thank you to the creators for creating this wonderful and mindful tool. I plan to order more for friends and family."

Verified client | Milo Zimmer

The best gift for any smoker!

"I gave this to my sister for a gift. She was trying to stop smoking for health reasons. The Sasillia Breathing Necklace allowed her to quit from day 1. As soon as she started using this device, she threw away her vape and cigarettes and never went back to smoking. This is a wonder, most effective tool!”

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A simple tool to help you kickstart your quit journey.

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Verified client | Ruby Mason

Awesome Device

"I purchased this for my son. He was heavily using marijuana while in university. He’s stopped that marijuana since and is back on track but I think this breathing apparatus is giving him that comfort feel if he ever wants, I guess because it’s similar in oral fixation. But he says it’s done wonders and has helped even more with his breathing techniques so great job guys!!!!”

Verified client | Isaac Anderson

A necklace with many benefits

"This dainty little necklace has helped me quit cigs. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to quit smoking or is even slightly interested in practicing and reaping the benefits of breath work 🤟🏽”

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A natural alternative to smoking.

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