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Premium Breathing Necklace

Premium Breathing Necklace

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Sasillia helps you quickly and easily combat anxiety by slowing your breathing. It's a functional, elegant piece of jewelry that you wear against your heart, both as a tool and a gentle reminder to protect your wellbeing.

• Medical grade stainless steel pendant and chain - 316 high polish stainless steel

• Sasillia pendant measures 2 inches in length

• The precise design supports a 10-second exhalation

• Quiet so you can use it anywhere

• Durable so you can wear it all the time

Shipping & Returns

Orders are shipped within 72 hours and delivered from the EU. If you wish to change your delivery address, please email us within 24 hours of placing your order.

We offer free returns for a period of 60-days. If you're not happy with what your product, simply write us and send it back.

No Stress Guarantee

You can try Sasillia risk-free in the comfort of your own home for 60 days.

If you are not satisfied, send Sasillia back to us and we will refund the full amount paid to your bank account. Immediately and without any objections.

Furthermore, we offer a 12-month warranty on the product's use and function. We stand by our quality, if you have any issues, we will exchange it for free!

So, by trying Sasillia,
you are not risking anything at all.

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  • Richard, 42, Project Manager

    "As a skeptic of mindfulness tools, I was blown away by Sasillia. It's a game-changer for mental clarity and emotional balance."

  • Emily, 35, School Teacher

    "In a world filled with digital distractions, Sasillia brings a much-needed pause. It's like hitting a reset button for your soul."

  • Georgia, 23, Student

    "I never knew how much I needed Sasillia until I tried it. It's like finding an unexpected friend in your journey towards mindfulness."

Your New Drug Free Solution to Stress and Anxiety.

Meet the Sasillia Premium Breathing Necklace – your easy way to feel calm and stress-free. It’s perfect for everyone, no matter your daily life. Whether you're a busy worker, love yoga and staying healthy, a parent with lots to do, a senior looking for natural ways to stay well, or a student with lots of school stress, Sasillia is made for you.

Sasillia is more than just a pretty necklace. It's like a quiet friend that helps you breathe slowly and feel relaxed. You can wear it all the time, no matter where you are – at work, during quiet time, when you're with family, out for a walk, or at school.

It's not just something you wear, but a gentle reminder to take care of yourself. Sasillia helps you stay calm in tough times. So, why not try it? Many people already feel better with their own Sasillia. It's time for you to have peaceful moments too.

Quality Matters

Sasillia is a simple, effective breathwork tool to take control of your anxiety.

  • whisper quiet

    discrete so you can use it anywhere

  • stainless steel

    surgical grade, ultra durable

  • ideal weight

    helps as a reminder to stop and breathe

  • leading design

    circumference and length for ideal exhale

What does it do for me?

Sasillia promotes the feeling of calm by adjusting your biology through controlled breath.

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over 100,000 necklaces sold

And people are loving it.

  • James G.

    "I have mentioned it on several podcasts now. l love Sasillia, it is the best!"

  • Brianna C.

    "It teaches you how to control your breathing when you are struggling from a panic attack."

  • Wesley B.

    "I've talked to thousands of people about this necklace and use it all the time."

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What Is The Sasillia Premium Breathing Necklace?

This is a necklace concept that simply slows your exhale to 8+ seconds which triggers your vagus nerve to calm your nervous system. There's no app, batteries, or chemicals just leverages a proven breath technique that calms you naturally and silently. It's like an anchor that's always there to keep you calm and cool.

It's Just A Straw Right?

The Sasillia premium breathing necklace is the first of its kind so we can appreciate the initial confusion. We were inspired by a proven straw breathing technique to silently calm the mind but wanted to design something more practical and worn as a commitment to breathing better. We use medical grade 316 stainless steel with precious metal colors baked though so it can be used safely everyday. We also tested and patented the tube length and diameter in order to create ideal exhalations that physiologically trigger calm. You could absolutely use a straw but we found that random sizing can be ineffective and flatten in your pocket. Wearing Sasilllia as a necklace is a commitment to breathing better as a daily habit which makes you feel better whenever you need a breather.

How Do I Clean It?

This necklace is intentionally manufactured using a high quality stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable for everyday use. The precious metal colors are baked through the piece so you never have to worry about tarnishing or rusting when exposed to water.

Why Can't I Just Breathe Slower On My Own?

Most people know that slower breathing works to relax them, yet still don't do it. Why? Because we take 23,000 breaths per day and they're all unconscious.Our necklace is physical and because you're wearing it, those slower breaths become more consistent as a daily practice. Whether you're stuck in traffic, can't sleep at night, or simply have an anxious mind...Sasillia is there to immediately bring you back to calm.

Is This Based On Real Science?

We totally understand if you're skeptical about how or why this works because it seems too simple. Our tool has been designed, tested, and patented by a psychotherapist who used proven data about how breathing effects your mind.Think of your inhalations as the gas pedal and your exhalations as the brakes. Stress triggers short inhales which launches you into 'fight or flight' mode. With 50,000 thoughts and 150 phone notifications everyday, we enter this state of mind too often which makes us feel tired and tense. Extending your exhales immediately reverses this state within two minutes by lowering cortisol (stress hormone), blood pressure, and heart rate.We used this proven science to engineer a tool that allows you to access these longer exhales more often which makes you breathe better as a habit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 286 reviews
Timo F.

Sasillia works well, but it’s a bit too subtle for my liking. Still, a good tool for stress relief.

Wilson D.M.

i had none

Massimo D.V.
Sono soddisfatto

Nonostante i dubbi legittimi di molti acquirenti, io ho deciso di dare fiducia al prodotto. Prima di smettere di fumare ho preso un po' confidenza con il ciondolo, cercando di respirare in modo consapevole in alcuni momenti della giornata. Ad un tratto ho deciso di smettere con le sigarette e devo dire che aiuta veramente tanto, soprattutto durante le crisi più forti, perché aiuta a respirare profondamente e in modo controllato.
Un difetto che ho riscontrato è che si graffia facilmente.
In generale la ricomprerei perché secondo me funziona. Continuerò a portarla ancora un po' di tempo

Très utile

Cela fonctionne, ça ne compense pas complètement l’envie de la nicotine mais c’est ultra apaisant.

Pittet S.

Très relaxant

Bader A.
Now I leave the sigarettes after 20 days

I leave the sigarettes. Keep in mind that I was a smoker that smokes about 30 sigarettes per day.
In the first days is not hard to move from sigarettes to sasilla. After 20 days, I never use sigarettes. Only Sasillia (and not always like the first days).

Say goodbye to stress & anxiety today.